Conservation Conversation

We live in this world – we don’t own it. We do what we can to protect it, especially when our lifestyle has caused environmental issues.  Conservation’s the name, saving the planet’s the game; stakes are high.

Conservation efforts take place all over the globe. Today, let’s learn about some.

What animal are you passionate about?

Personally, I love giraffe.  Their endangered status makes me nervous about future generations seeing them too! Luckily, conservation groups are working on it.  I’m glad to know — maybe I’ll make a donation to a conservation group like the Association for Saving the Giraffes of Niger!



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4 responses to “Conservation Conversation

  1. I’ve always loved Tigers. Unfortunately, many large cats are being bred in captivity under guise of preventing extinction. In reality, the breeders are intentionally causing genetic mutations by forced inbreeding to create “White Tigers” and “Bengal Cats”. These “rare breeds” generate more zoo visitors (meaning: money) and “raise endangered species awareness”. But the animals suffer from many genetic defects that can cause severe health problems; all “white tigers” are born cross-eyed. Instead of breeding mutant cats to “fight” extinction, they should be working to save their habitat. Check out for more info.
    (should my comment be one hundred words?)

    • Jamie – You clearly have a way with words, I would expect nothing less(or more)! Anything involving intentional genetic mutation is so upsetting to me. There are so many issues at hand with the animals we have, yet people insist on breeding and creating and messing with nature instead of preserving what already exists! I agree with you completely. Thank you for the link!

  2. derekmehraban

    What a great blog! Nice photography. The world thing reminds me of Avatar. Giraffes are cool. When in Orlando be sure to visit Animal Kingdom Lodge. Even if you just go for dinner in the African restaurant you can still see all the giraffes on the property. It’s very nice! Keep up the good work.


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