Comprehensive Schmomprehensive.

I think anyone who has been a college student can relate with the stress that comes with paper writin.  This week I am embarking on my comprehensive exams that will be the last step towards my master’s degree.  I was emailed 3 questions at 8:30am today and I have 10 days to complete papers responding to the questions at about 10 pages each.  If I live through it, and succeed in my writing, I’ll get my master’s degree in May.

Here’s hoping!

How do you go about writing papers?  I research, outline, then write until the crack of dawn…



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2 responses to “Comprehensive Schmomprehensive.

  1. Jessica

    I feel ya girl. I’ve been writing 7 essays for grad apps the past few months. I really dislike writing, so I’m dreading COMPS if I do go to grad school, but at least it’s about something you are interested in and already know a lot about. 30 pages in 10 days, though…that’s pushing it! I usually stretch out the research while procrastinating then write everything at the very last minute. 🙂

  2. For this first paper, there’s not a TON of research– mostly reading and regurgitating. Since I only have 3 days for each I can’t really procrastinate which is my style! I did however pick the hardest one first so I’m hoping it gets better and better. Right now it’s still the terrifying stage! Thanks for the words of encouragement — goodluck with all your apps!

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