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Animals Among Us

I’m an animal lover, through and through.  It always makes me smile to see the bond between a pet and its family.  Even as I write this blog, my cat is right next to me just enjoying my company.  Animals have an instinctual desire to protect and soothe their loved ones, and it is stories like these that solidify the benefits of having an animal in one’s home.

Do you have a pet?  What does he or she bring into your life?

My pet is always next to me when I’m feeling down and all she needs is some love!


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Comprehensive Schmomprehensive.

I think anyone who has been a college student can relate with the stress that comes with paper writin.  This week I am embarking on my comprehensive exams that will be the last step towards my master’s degree.  I was emailed 3 questions at 8:30am today and I have 10 days to complete papers responding to the questions at about 10 pages each.  If I live through it, and succeed in my writing, I’ll get my master’s degree in May.

Here’s hoping!

How do you go about writing papers?  I research, outline, then write until the crack of dawn…


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Events of Olympic Proportions

The 2010 Olympics are overtaking the radio, tv, and internet as of late.  There was a great tragedy overshadowing much of the excitement, and there have been great successes for those that are able to compete.  Each event has it’s following and each following has their reasons for their passion for that sport.

Tears and cheers surround the culmination of years of work.

Have you been watching the Olympics?  What do you think about the responses to the tragic death of an athlete?  Do you think the media coverage and exposure of the event to be appropriate or crossing lines?

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Supporting Local Musicians: Mason’s Case

Supporting local musicians and artists has always been something of the utmost importance to me.  Bands need a following to get going, and the crowd and it’s energy feeding their performance can make a difference.  The bond that develops between fellow fans and musicians during those small shows is extremely close and irreplaceable.

Tonight I have the pleasure of joining a caravan of cars and vans trekking from Michigan to Chicago to support one such group of artists.  Mason’s Case is a band started in East Lansing and deserves to have a great crowd!

Do you follow any local artists?

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Health Insurance Hopes

As a health communication student, insurance reform is a hot topic in my life.  Especially as I personally have lost insurance as of my recent birthday and I am trying to navigate the system on my own for the first time.

Incentivized insurance is a proposed solution for issues in the current system.  More evaluation throughout the insurance process as well as target based incentives may be needed change.

What are your insurance woes, and what do you think is the solution?

There is a health care crisis in America, and everyone seems to have a solution, but which one?

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Conservation Conversation

We live in this world – we don’t own it. We do what we can to protect it, especially when our lifestyle has caused environmental issues.  Conservation’s the name, saving the planet’s the game; stakes are high.

Conservation efforts take place all over the globe. Today, let’s learn about some.

What animal are you passionate about?

Personally, I love giraffe.  Their endangered status makes me nervous about future generations seeing them too! Luckily, conservation groups are working on it.  I’m glad to know — maybe I’ll make a donation to a conservation group like the Association for Saving the Giraffes of Niger!


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