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Busy not Lazy. Still Brief!

I have spent the last few weeks finishing up my Master’s Degree from Michigan State University.  It’s been a long road here and I’m walking away with not one but two degrees from this institution.

I’ve learned multitudes of theories, research methods, persuasive skills, and communication techniques educationally from MSU.  However, here are the Top 3 things I learned outside the classroom in college:

1. You cannot change the things you cannot control, but you can control how you react.

2. Trust yourself above all others, and remain true.

3. These are the best years of your life.

What did you learn in college?


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Modest Beginnings

Even in the social media world of 140 character tweets and instant status updates, at times I find difficulty remaining concise.  The internet is full of information thrown out into the world, but sometimes the challenge is navigating in a way to gain a deeper understanding than what’s on the surface.

The purpose of this blog is an exercise in word control and knowledge gain.  Each post will be exactly 100 words, a link, a point of knowledge, and a question.  It is the goal that through this experience myself and readers can fine tune communication.

Can we explore together?

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