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Busy not Lazy. Still Brief!

I have spent the last few weeks finishing up my Master’s Degree from Michigan State University.  It’s been a long road here and I’m walking away with not one but two degrees from this institution.

I’ve learned multitudes of theories, research methods, persuasive skills, and communication techniques educationally from MSU.  However, here are the Top 3 things I learned outside the classroom in college:

1. You cannot change the things you cannot control, but you can control how you react.

2. Trust yourself above all others, and remain true.

3. These are the best years of your life.

What did you learn in college?


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Comprehensive Schmomprehensive.

I think anyone who has been a college student can relate with the stress that comes with paper writin.  This week I am embarking on my comprehensive exams that will be the last step towards my master’s degree.  I was emailed 3 questions at 8:30am today and I have 10 days to complete papers responding to the questions at about 10 pages each.  If I live through it, and succeed in my writing, I’ll get my master’s degree in May.

Here’s hoping!

How do you go about writing papers?  I research, outline, then write until the crack of dawn…


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